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Universities are required to issue the 1098T Tuition Statement to each student. The information contained in the 1098T will help you and your tax advisor to determine your eligibility for education tax credits when filing your tax return. The amount shown represents the amount BILLED to you by Saint Mary’s University during 2016. 1098T's were mailed out to all learners on 1/31/2017

If you have questions regarding the contents of your 1098T, you may contact the Business Office at or by calling 1-507-457-6655.

Professional Book Study

Professional book studies provide the structure for purposeful dialogue that richly connects a text to the participants' work in schools. Such a collaborative structure promotes needed collegiality and professionalism among colleagues. Implementation discussions allow participants to share what works and what doesn't, and bring forth recommendations to impact instruction for promoting student achievement. If you would like to lead a Book Study in your school this year, please contact the PDI program office at 1-877-218-4755 and we will help you get started!