FAQ's for students

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the PDI program

Is there a registration deadline?
Registrations for courses should be completed before the end of the second class session or by the deadline listed on your districts webpage. When you register online, you will receive an email verifying your registration at the address you provided during the registration process. Please be certain to confirm your registration with your instructor if you do not receive an electronic confirmation. Any registrations processed after the course registration deadline may be subject to a late registration fee. No registrations for graduate credit can be accepted after a course has been completed.

When do I receive a tuition statement?
In most cases, a tuition statement will be sent following your registration. Tuition bills are sent the 11th of the month, so you will receive a statement up to 30 days after your registration. To avoid late fees, please pay your tuition upon receipt of your statement. If you are asked to pay your school/district, then the school/district will pay Saint Mary’s University once the course registrations have been completed. If you currently are in a degree program at Saint Mary’s University, your tuition statement will come via email.

How will the course be shown on my transcript?
If you take a course that spans two semesters at Saint Mary’s, the credits will be spread over two semesters. As an example, a three credit class would be split over two semesters, and your transcript would show two credits in one semester and one credit the following semester. You will still receive the three credits, but we are required to split courses that run longer than our traditional semesters. Splitting courses is a common occurrence in our collaboration with schools and districts, as most professional development opportunities in schools follow the K-12 school year calendar with courses starting in September and ending in May. SMU semesters run late August to December (Fall); January to May (Spring); and late May to August (Summer).

When do I receive a grade and/or transcript?
Grades and transcripts are processed at the end of the semester during the academic year. All course participants will automatically be mailed an official transcript after your instructors have submitted grades. Fall course transcripts will be sent before the end of December. Spring semester transcripts will be sent prior to June 1. Summer courses will be sent by the middle of September (note: for courses held in June, transcripts will be sent mid-July, for courses held in July, transcripts will be sent mid-August).

How do I request a transcript?
If you need a transcript prior to the end of a semester, you can submit a written request for a transcript once you have completed your course and grades are submitted. Please send a written request including your full name, social security number, and the address to which it should be mailed, to Saint Mary's University, to: Transcript Requests, Saint Mary's University, 700 Terrace Heights #37, Winona, MN 55987. Your signature is required on the written transcript request. Requests for transcripts cannot be taken over the phone. Click on Request for Official Transcript to download the form.

What happens if I get a message about not being able to access or complete the registration process?
You will need to have a version of Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher to register online. You can also use a different web browser such as Safari, Netscape, Opera, or Firefox to access the registration page. The registration page is programmed so that students must complete the required fields to register. If the fields are not completed accurately, then the registration system will not process your registration. If you have difficulties with the online registration system, please call the PDI Program Office at 1-877-218-4755 to register.

Can I use my courses as elective credits toward my master’s degree program at Saint Mary’s?
Courses taken prior to a student enrolling in a degree program may be used as transfer credits in a graduate education degree program. Students in graduate programs at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota should consult their program advisors as to the transferability of credits earned from the PDI program. Credits used towards an SMU degree will be charged at the tuition rate set by your degree program.

Can I use my courses as elective credits toward a degree at another university?
Students enrolled in degree programs at other colleges or universities should consult with their program directors. Course syllabi are available to communicate the student learning outcomes and course requirements. Copies of course syllabi can be requested for other colleges or universities. Contact the PDI Program Office if they are needed.

How can I pay for my course?
Tuition bills may be paid by mailing a personal check or money order to Saint Mary’s University, 700 Terrace Height, Box 8, Winona, MN 55987; or online with credit card or ACH (Automatic Clearing House). A 2.75% non-refundable fee is charged by CashNet to process a credit card transaction. To use a credit card or ACH, please contact Student Services at 1-877-304-4273. Visa cards are not accepted.