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Professional Development Initiatives

Graduate Professional Development for Educators (GPDE)

The Professional Development Initiatives (PDI) will no longer offer programming as of May 1, 2020. Courses scheduled for November 21, 2019, through April 30, 2020, will run as planned.

Although we can no longer offer graduate credit, the Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement will continue to offer professional development opportunities such as cultural competency workshops and Minnesota teacher relicensure seminars. Please contact The Center directly for further information.

Graduate Professional Development for Educators (GPDE)

The GPDE program designs and delivers professional development courses for those seeking graduate credits towards relicensure and/or for elective courses for master’s-level degree programs.  Participants incorporate teaching strategies and plans that link their inquiry and research to their classrooms.  Our practitioner-led courses are designed to meet the demands of today’s classroom teacher in a professional setting. 

How to Register for Courses

Click into the Course Catalog tab. You will then have the option to sort by Course Number, Title, Credits, Start Date or Location. By clicking on any Course Number, you will get a brief description of the course and the option to “Register Now”.

Complete the registration, which will only take about a minute. Remember which course(s) you want to register for as you will need this information on the final page of the registration. You will have the option to register for up to five courses at one time. After you have the course(s) selected in the drop down menu, hit the Submit button.

You do not pay at the time of registration ($275 per credit). Non-degree seeking learners will receive a tuition billing statement after the 1st of the month. Tuition is due on or before the 15th of the following month the course starts.  Those enrolled in a degree seeking program will access their billing statement through the Student Portal

Course Delivery Formats

Blended Delivery

This course format combines face-to-face class meetings with a collaborative online component, using Blackboard, in which the course instructor delivers the course content and serves as an instructional coach.  When registering, please note the location of the course.  Learners are required to travel to the site for the face-to-face class sessions, while the online sessions are completed via Blackboard on a computer in a location convenient for you.


Online learning eliminates face-to-face class meetings with the convenience of collaboration among students using the Blackboard platform, where the course instructor delivers the course content and serves as an instructional coach.  Online credits provided by an accredited university, such as Saint Mary’s University, are generally accepted by schools for re-licensure and lane changes.

Flexible Credit Options

This course format is a variation of blended learning as it combines traditional face-to-face classroom learning followed by self-directed learning.  Flexible credit options include 1, 2 and 3 credit offerings.  The 1 credit option is a face-to-face class meeting.  Additional course requirements for students electing a two or three-credit option are completed virtually.  These additional guided inquiry credits will extend the learner’s engagement with the main concept from the one-credit face-to-face session.

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